Art. 1.- GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE is a road bicycle sporting event regulated by the Cycling for Everyone Rules and Regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) within the framework of a cycling discipline conceived as physical exercise for sport, leisure and tourism or cultural purposes. The Event will be subject to the provisions of Article 15 and successive articles of Annex II of Royal Decree 1428/2003, of 21 November, approving the General Traffic Regulations for the implementation and development of the text articulated by the Law regarding traffic, the movement of motor vehicles and road safety, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of 2 March. The GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE, composed of a 75-km route, is open to all members of cycling federations and non-member cyclists over the age of 18.


The GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE is a non-competitive event that will take place at all times on roads open to traffic, which means that all participants must exercise extreme caution throughout the entire course and always respect the highway code.


The GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE is organised by the Club Esportiu Bike Catalunya, as part of the Sea Otter Europe festival.


Art. 2.- The GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE will officially start on Sunday 2 June 2019 at Avinguda del President Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24, 17007 Girona. The finish line will also be located at Avinguda del President Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24, 17007 Girona.


Art. 3.- Registration:


Registration will be open from 29 January 2019 until 30 May 2019, or until a maximum of 200 participants have registered.


Registration fee:


- €48.00 BEFORE 15/03 (VAT INCLUDED)


- €58.00 FROM 16/03 (VAT INCLUDED) TO 01/06 (VAT INCLUDED)


- +€10.00 INSURANCE


Art. 4.- Participants must be in possession of the corresponding cycling licence approved by the UCI or the Catalan Cycling Federation (FCC), or they must purchase the day licence with the insurance provided by the organiser. These are the only valid insurances accepted by the organiser. Participants who do not have a licence from the FCC must pay €10 for day insurance, which provides medical coverage for physical injuries suffered by the participant but does not cover material damage to the bicycle or other accessories.


The participant undertakes to participate in the event at their own risk. When registering, the participant also declares to be physically fit for the event.


Registration is personal and non-transferable and implies the acceptance of all the articles set out in these regulations, as well as the terms and conditions of purchase.


The fee appears on the registration form available on this website and it may be paid via the online payment system by credit or debit card.


Art. 5.- The organiser will provide all participants with the following:




- A NUMBER PLATE, which must be placed on the front of the bike. Participants who do not place the number plate on a visible part of their bicycle will be excluded from the event by organisational members or law enforcement agencies.


- BIORACER LIMITED EDITION JERSEY, which we highly recommended wearing during the event to facilitate the work of organisational personnel and the police service.














It is very important that during the registration process you pay close attention to the table containing the jersey’s measurements before choosing a size.


Art. 6.- Registration shall be made through the Ticketoci payment gateway and returns will be made according to its terms and conditions of contract. If you wish to transfer registration to another person, this must be communicated by email and all the necessary details of the previous participant and the new participant must be provided. Email [email protected] with the subject: Change of holder - Girona Gravel Ride.


Art. 7.- Number plates must be collected from Fontajau Pavilion on:


- FRIDAY 31, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. [to be confirmed]


- SATURDAY 1, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


- SUNDAY 2, from 7 a.m. to 8.30 a.m.




Art. 8.- In order to collect the number plate, you MUST present a National Identification Card, passport or NIE together with your cycling license if not purchasing the insurance offered by the organiser. For those under the age of 18 it is mandatory to present a duly signed parent authorisation form (download attached sheet). Should the licence not be presented, a €10 fee will be charged for day insurance.




Art. 10.- The event’s course shall be duly signposted. 


Art. 11.- During the event, the organiser will provide ambulances at strategic points along the course and a specialised medical point in the finish area, and broom wagons and showers in the Fontajau Pavilion.


Art. 13.- Solid and liquid refreshments will be located at:


- Liquid refreshment zone at KM: 40 (PENDING CONFIRMATION)


- Liquid/solid refreshment zone at KM: 57


- Liquid/solid refreshment zone at KM 75 (finish line)


Art. 14.- The race must be carried out on a GRAVEL bicycle. Cyclocross, MTB and adapted road bikes are also accepted, but we do not recommend them.


Art. 15.- Cut-off time. There will be two cut-off times at the refreshment zones. There will be no alternative route. (PENDING CONFIRMATION)


Art. 16.- Those participants who complete the entire course within the times outlined by the organiser shall be considered GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE finishers.


Art. 17.- All participants must obey and adhere to road traffic regulations. The event runs on roads open to traffic. Anyone who does not comply with road traffic regulations shall be expelled from the event and subsequent editions.  


By registering for the event, the participant accepts the risks inherent to participating in an open road event, and excludes the event organisers of liability for any incident or accident arising from participation. In the event of an accident or emergency, please call MANCA.


Art. 18.- The organiser shall not be held responsible for any accident caused or suffered by the participant, who must be covered by the corresponding federation licence or accident insurance purchased from the organiser if not a federation member. Nor will the organiser be responsible for any expenses or debts that the participant may incur during the event, or any losses or breakdowns that the participants' bicycles or other equipment may suffer. 


The participant exempts the organiser from any responsibility for loss or damage of personal objects, for any reason.


Art. 19.- The participant must accept the “GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE declaration” document, which informs of the risks involved in participating in the event and excludes the organiser from liability in case of any incident or accident arising from participation in the GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE. The document shall be made available when registering electronically and must be accepted in order to complete the process correctly. If it is not accepted at this time, for example when registering in-person, it must be signed when picking up the number plate prior to the event. 


Art. 20.- The organiser guarantees full compliance with data protection regulations and, thus, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, the participant is informed and gives their consent to the incorporation of their data in the existing automated files of the organiser and to their processing for use in relation to administrative and commercial procedures or other activities.


Art. 21.- The organiser reserves the right to make the necessary modifications that they deem appropriate. The organiser also reserves the right to deny admission.


Art. 22.- Image rights. Acceptance of these rules and regulations implies, as a matter of obligation, that the participant authorises the organiser of GIRONA GRAVEL RIDE to record all or part of their participation in the event; gives consent to their image being used for the promotion and dissemination of the event in any form (radio, press, video, photos, internet, posters, media, etc.), and cedes all rights relating to use for the commercial and advertising purposes that the organiser deems appropriate. The participant shall not be entitled to receive any financial compensation. This article also applies to photographs.


Art. 23.- The mere act of registering for the event implies acceptance of these rules and regulations and renunciation of all rights against the organiser, including the renunciation of any legal action that may result from their participation in the event. 


Art. 24.- Sanctions will be strictly imposed on those participants who commit the following infringements:


- Not respecting road traffic regulations.


- Not respecting the safety instructions given by the police or the organiser.


- Not going through the start control and other controls located along the course.


- Spoiling or degrading the course by leaving litter.


The penalty will be:


- Disqualification from the event, without the right to high quality photography at the finish line.

- Exclusion from participating in future events.


Art. 25.- The organiser will appoint a group of participants whose purpose shall be to ensure the safety of the event. These collaborators will be authorised to notify the organiser about the conduct of any participant in relation to the infringements described in Article 24. Such information will be treated in the same way as misconduct reported by the organiser itself.


Art. 26.- The organiser shall not be held responsible in case of the event being suspended or postponed due to unforeseeable circumstances.


Art. 27.- Participants are strongly advised to have a medical examination before participating in the event.